Katya Potapov

Software engineer, computer science student
Experienced in backend, infrastructure and security engineering.
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Global Game Jam 2019

A multiplayer deception game set in the medieval times. Each new player is assigned a role - homewrecker or protector. The protectors must guard the hearth of their house from destruction by the homewreckers. The only catch is that the protectors don't know who the homewreckers are.

Demo Info Source

A web app that helps friends find a location to hang out. Users can create groups, share their location, choose a hangout spot, and schedule events. (in progress)

UW Robotics Website

A simple site for anybody interested in learning more about the UW Robotics team. Fully responsive and designed from scratch. Showcases resources for students interested in robotics, competition info and up-to-date meeting dates.

Design of a Digital Twin for a Smart City’s Water System and Security

iTrust Centre for Research in Cyber Security

A digital twin is a highly accurate simulation of a real-world system. We use the digital twin of a water treatment plant to carry out automated attacks and test defense strategies for critical cyber-physical systems. Some topics of research include linking alarms in cyber-physical systems to an ongoing attack, and using a machine learning approach to generate timed attacks.


Human-Computer Interaction Term Project at the University of Waterloo

Vesta is an app that empowers users to live and shop sustainably, especially as it pertains to clothing and fashion. Throughout the term, our team of five iterated on our initial proposition to involve our community in conservation and reuse efforts. The end result was a high-fidelity Figma prototype with five distinct features, each one guiding clothing consumers towards a more sustainable mindset. For more on our design process and the final prototype, you can read through the blog post written by my team member.


Hi! I'm a computer science student with over two years of professional experience as a software engineer. I've mostly worked on back-end infrastructure and security engineering, with some experience in game development, front-end web development and UX design. I'm also working towards a cognitive science minor to achieve a deeper understanding of the interactions between psychology, computer science and philosophy. I'm eager to use my growing skillset to tackle engineering problems big and small, and share my experiences and knowledge with anyone who may benefit.

My ultimate goal within the tech industry is to take action to ensure the well-being of people who have been traditionally overlooked by technological innovators, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals developed by the UN.

In my free time, I like to make a cappella music and play ultimate frisbee.